【Japanese Car】Introducing the goodness of Toyota Aqua!

This time I will introduce Japanese cars.




AQUA is the best car among japanese car.


So it is used in many other countries as well.


Let ‘s tell everyone this wonderfulness of this car!

By the way, I introduce AQUA using many pictures


Introducing the appearance of Toyota Aqua.



Exterior introduction


Picture from the front


Picture from the side


Pictures from the back


Photo from diagonally behind


Wheel pictures



Introduction of interior


steering introduction


It is a carefully finished handle


This is a speedometer.


center console


Aqua is a five-seater rider


Detailed places are also carefully finished


It is a door picture of a driver’s seat


Pressing the blue switch while stepping on the brake will start the engine


If you run at less than 8 kilometers per hour it will produce a fake engine sound to notice pedestrians!!

This is Toyota’s technical strength.



There is space to put things in the center console and back of the handle


To the end

How was it.


Have you felt the charm of Toyota Aqua?


It is a car that was released in 2014 and ranges from 1.2 million yen to 1.6 million yen in Japanese yen.


Aqua is the most popular car in Japanese cars.

It is one of the cars that will continue to be loved while being minor changed.


Everyone please try once!